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So I've been going through Menzoberranzan for a bit, and noticed some things the manual doesn't mention. Whenever I fight in cavernous areas (Leucrottas caves and descending into the Underdark so far) the weapons of certain companions are blacked out and are unable to be used. I thought it was an issue with Rangers, since it only happened to the Centaur and Drizzt (the Kenku can fight), but when I got this crazed Dwarf Cleric in descent lvl 2 to replace Drizzt, the dwarf doesn't seem to want to fight either. What is going on?

I also noticed a few weird things, like how I get a message on how the Centaur can't fire because of an empty quiver (despite the quiver being completely full and never seemed to deplete arrows). Is this a glitch?
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From memory, the middle two characters are considered to be in the front row, which means that only they are able to use melee attacks in enclosed spaces. Ranged attacks from the back row should still work.

It's possible to move the characters around as well (I think clicking or right-clicking on their name will do it?)
It is as rmeakins said, the middle characters are in the front row, and the two side ones are in the back.
In the first few maps, e.g. the outside maps, the side characters can basically use all that open space to flank and have a jab, but as soon as you're in a cave/underground it's no longer an option.

However, if I recall correctly, you can still use long/two-handed weapons to attack from the back row.

You can move the characters around by going into your inventory screen and clicking their names.

Not sure what's going on with the Centaur, I never had this issue myself, but that's not surprising since I never use arrows in old dungeon crawlers because I get tired of picking them up.
Gotcha: However, if I recall correctly, you can still use long/two-handed weapons to attack from the back row.
Yes, give them a halberd or a quarterstaff and you're set.