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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to complete the Forgotten Realms serie, playing on ironman, and importing my party from n to n+1.

Homemade rules : No reload (obviously), all stats at MAX except for Hit Points (set to MAX value for level 1, then average value rounded down for the next levels when creating a character in CotAB, SotSB or PoD). I've been using guides (from gamefaq and gamebanshee for PoR and CotAB, then gamebanshee only for SotSB and PoD), and probably wouldn't have been able to make it without them, since I never played the games before (except for PoD, which I played a bit 25+ years ago).

So far so good, I've finished PoR, CotAB and SotSB, and just started PoD.

Party is the following :

lvl 17 Paladin
lvl 13 Ranger (fresh one)
lvl 7/11/16? F/M/T
lvl 9/17 Dual Ranger/MU
lvl 18 Cleric (for some reason, I could level her up to 18-1exp before doing the Ettin Fight in Phlan, dunno if it's a bug or an intented feature)
lvl 17/1 Dual Ranger/MU (I had to farm about 1M exp in the frost giants village to level this one up, because initially I had planned for a lvl 13/14 Fighter/MU in SotSB, which I ditched away when I realized that the -4 to THAC0 might be a liability in PoD, especially for the end fight).

I was hoping that my Thief or my Paladin would be able to use Cleric scrolls, but this seems to not be the case.

So, I'm a bit concerned that if my Cleric happens to die, it may prove unconvenient or even impossible to resurect her (there aren't many temples in PoD).

Initially, I was planning to keep the Paladin and Cleric single class, but right now I'm considering dualing the Paladin to a Cleric, so that I have 2 characters with the Resurection spell. I'm still not dead set on that, though.

Hence the question in the title :

How much is a 2nd Cleric needed for an IRONMAN PoD run ?

Another way to ask this question :

Should my Cleric die, are there places where it is really inconvenient/impossible to have a fast access to a temple ?
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Since no one answered, I figured I'd dual the Paladin to Cleric :

He'll lose a bit of HPs, and I'll have relatively bad THAC0s in the team for some time, but on the other hand, monsters don't seem to have really good ACs (except maybe the bosses, but by the time I'm meeting them, my dual-classed characters should have gotten back their warrior levels) and it will probably be helpful to have double healing capability in zones where resting is dangerous/prohibited : Less total HPs, but more healing ? Deal !