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When I die or leave the game, I cannot see my own score and it is not saved. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
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only advice i can think of for this is to go into the folder you installed it to
and open the savegame folder
then check the 2 hiscore files properties and make sure they aren't "read only "
Thanks for the reply. None of those files are read-only. In fact, the DAT one is apparently modified each time I finish a game, but so far my score has never been added. The other file is never accessed and can even be deleted.

I also launched the NEWSCORE.EXE application, it actually loads new default scores but the problem remains.

Finally, I tried both the Mac and Windows installers on different computers and they all behave the same.

So now I believe there must be a problem with the current GOG release, as I seriouslly doubt the game has always been like that...
its odd though since i see my score on the scoreboard when i play
are you "running it as admin"
Tempaura: When I die or leave the game, I cannot see my own score and it is not saved. Does anyone know what could be the problem?
Which directory did you install the game in? Could you post the path?
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my install path is
D:\GOG Games\Dungeon Hack
I haven't run into this issue either. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and my previous scores are still in the hall of fame.

It seems odd that you have experienced this on two separate systems, but other people haven't. I wonder if there is something unusual about your player's name? Are you using a special character that it could be having trouble saving to the file?
All files are located in C:\GOG Games\Dungeon Hack. The problem also rises with pre-made characters and names, it simply won't add a new entry. Previous scores seem to be fine.

So, after a few runs it finally started to save my scores, but only late in the game. Strangely enough, it also duplicated one of the default score entries. Then, for my next character (a pre-made one), it didn't save anything. And now, it works again! I watched some "Let's Play" videos and found the exact same problem. All the files connected to the character may play a role in it, and that could explain why it doesn't happen every time or to everyone.

Anyway, since I've stumbled across other bugs too (most often after reloading), I must say this is not the most stable game I've ever played! Still very enjoyable, though.
I'd suggest uninstalling it, downloading a fresh installer and installing it again. Maybe it helps.

I never encountered those problems, but then again I never played with any premade characters.
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I know might sound stupid, but do all those systems have anything in common, antivirus, regcleaner or similar?

I know you said MAC as well, but nevertheless maybe some sort of app you are running on both platforms? (sorry not so fit with MAC ;) )
It is a bug with the cracked version they used. I have seen it work and other times i have seen it not work. I own a official version and it works flawlessly, of course you have to use the manual to enter in the correct words for copy protection but that is all. GOG like Steam use the same hacked version and I am very surprised they get away with it.
there is a file called that fixes all the highscore and save issues. you basically copy it to your dungeon hack dir unzip it and then turn the hackfix.exe in dosbox to fix save issues, highscore issues, and disappearing items on lvl 20 and below.

I would share it but not sure if gog would allow it, really gog should of applied it before releasing this.
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