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tempted to hold out for level 13 but I think I'll ditch my thief i just made turn my fighter into a thief so he can still max out
And make another new fighter .

Does that make sense if I switch a level 9 fighter to a thief he can still max out his thief class to level 18 right??

new proposed team


In these games, you can reach max level in your second class after dual classing regardless of when you do so; the XP gained in the first class doesn't count against any limit in the second class.

Note that this is different from the way it works in Baldur's Gate 1 and 2.
However, keep in mind (although it doesn't affect this particular character's future) that you can only regain your previous class abilities once you exceed the original class's level.

This can be a problem for some class combinations in certain games, especially given that only in Dark Queen (which lacks the dual classing feature anyway), Pools of Darkness, and FRUA is the level limit uniform for all classes (and even then, don't forget you need to dual at 39 not 40 for maximum levels in both classes!). The most notable are Ranger/Mage duals in the "main series" (to get optimal performance out of this dual the sweet spot level to change is 15, but this means that once you dual you will no longer be able to regain Ranger abilities at all until you transfer to Pools as the cap for all non-thief classes in Secret is 15) and Cleric/Mage duals in the Savage Frontier (optimally you must start all such characters as Clerics, as 10/11 are the caps).