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In the Silver Tower Level 1 there is a mouth that ask for bones. I get the progran message " A fatal disk error has ocurred Cannot find "Z2.CPS" file"
now returning to Dos" and the program crashes.
The game runs in Spanish language because Windows is in Spanish. I don't know if this happens in other languages, I would have preferred to play the English version.
Thanks in advence for any help.
The game running in Spanish may be a Galaxy thing (I don't use Galaxy), but if you download the game installer from your GOG library through your web browser, you can select whether you want to download the English, German or Spanish version of the game. And this will then be, what you get.

I never encountered the bug, though.

PS: I just checked: My English version of the game does not have a Z2.CPS file in the game directory and it can be completed.
Post edited December 21, 2018 by stryx
Thanks for the reply and the hint, I changed the language settings for the games using Galaxy, the 3 games in English now and I have tested the problem and it has vanished. It works perfect now.
Thanks again, I was totally stuck because of that bug.