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jhirvonen: Updates to the editors:

Now you can select all item types, also shows the subposition field. Let me know if this helps.

How did you increase the item list size? I think the safe amounts (by looking into the allocated memory) are 500 for EOB1 and 600 for EOB2.

I have a feeling that the EOB games do not follow the AD&D rules that closely. Just by looking how thief skills are handled in the scripts.

You might find this interesting:

Please post here anything you figure out from the games.
Awesome! That works. Thank you ! ideally would it be possible to increase it to 75 ? It also lacks the possibility to give a name, but it remains optional.

For the DATA Base Items.dat. This file, as you must know, is cut in 2. The first part backs up object data. they have a hexadecimal length of 14.The second part is the list of object names with a hexadecimal length of 34. Each of the 2 parts have a length defined here at their beginning.

"F4" in hexa is the length for 500. The database must be exactly 500 in length. Otherwise it will be buggy.

I tested beyond 500, in fact, the game no longer reads objects beyond 500.

The second part starts just before "mouse pointer" with the value 64. Similarly, the database must be the exact length of 64 hexadecimal. Otherwise we have bugs in the game menu option (Text disapear).

I send you my databases by mail. I wrote to you recently and you replied that you didn't have much time.

There is another rather annoying bug that should be quickly fixed. When you modify a type with a negative AC bonus, you get an error message "Range check error"... You have to modify this value with a hexadecimal editor.

One last thing, I created a level 13. The tool "Westwoods Eye of the Beholder Tool.exe" which allows to extract PAK files helped me to overcome this possibility of the first 12 levels. However, the level13.maz and inf files must be in the root directory of the game. I still have a bug with the doors not showing up... Apparently it can't find the picture of the door.

unknown_bytes_1 manages door types
unknown_bytes_2 manages decorative items like shelf. One of the bit values ​​allows you to modify the profile of the monsters. You can add a beholder's profile to a goblin. But I did not find that it was exactly this one.

I also noticed the helmets had an AC Bonus of -1 but this was not added to the global AC. So creating a helmet with a bonus is useless... It's just to look good. I wonder though, if this does not add a bonus to the Thaco.

Last question, i m a good drawer and i would like to rework some CPS files... There is a convertor CPS -> BMP/JPG and JPG -> CPS ?
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i succes to unlock datafile type at 56 to 75 =)

i ll send you later.
paladin3333: Well Great, it's work. Are we limited to 2 monsters by level ?
jhirvonen: Yes, unfortunately.
I remember noticing that Dungeon Hack has a similar limitation; only 2 monster types per level for normal enemies, plus 1 boss. As a result, the game is significantly less interesting, in terms of which enemies you fight, than it could have been.

(I remember Dungeon Master having more enemy types on each floor.)

I'm wondering if this editor could be modified to work with Dungeon Hack without having to do a full re-write, and in particular, how similar (or different) the game's data structures are.
jhirvonen: I have a feeling that the EOB games do not follow the AD&D rules that closely. Just by looking how thief skills are handled in the scripts.
What I am wondering is which spells stack with each other and which spells do not.
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I m waiting your anwers Jhirvone. I imagine you havn't lot of time in real life.

I really need your help on somes points.
I have a bug!

I have a bug. After a while that I chain this code which randomly generates objects for me, the objects end up no longer appearing. I created about ten flags, and after that no longer works.

The editor seems limited by the number of objects it can generate in a level. Too bad if that's the case, I wanted to create a mode where everything is random so that we can play the game several times without falling on the same things.

// trigger point 03,09
// trigger mask $08 (%00001000)
// triggered on on_enter

$0748 IF LEVEL_FLAG (9) = 0 // EE EF 09 00 FF
$074D | ROLL_DICE (1d3+0) = 1 // DB 01 03 00 01 FF F9
$0754 ELSE_GOTO $0761 // EE 61 07

$0757 ADD_ITEM INDEX = 274 (Flail), POS = <04,13>, SUBPOS = 1
// EA 12 01 A4 01 01


$0760 END // F1

$0761 IF LEVEL_FLAG (9) = 0 // EE EF 09 00 FF
$0766 ELSE_GOTO $0773 // EE 73 07

$0769 ADD_ITEM INDEX = 12 (Flail +2), POS = <04,13>, SUBPOS = 1
// EA 0C 00 A4 01 01


$0772 END // F1

$0773 END // F1
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