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I created a level explorer / editor for Eye of the Beholder 1. With it you can edit maps, events and items of the levels.

There's a help file included and you can view it from the tool also. It's very easy to crash the game but it's also easy to restore the original state of the game with the tool.

Big thanks to JackAsser, CFOU and others from the English Amiga Board for figuring out much of these games.

Requires Windows XP or newer. More info, screenshots and a download here:

Here's a snippet on how to remove the copy protection dialog which pops when you access the stairs leading down to level 1:


If you click on coordinates 18,23 in the first level map on the first level, you'll see the
script of event 1. There are stairs down on these coordinates. This event is the stuff that
happens before you walk down the stairs.

offset command parameters bytecode

$02DD IF LEVEL_FLAG (31) = 0 // EE EF 1F 00 FF
$02E2 ELSE_GOTO $02EA // EE EA 02

$02E5 ENCOUNTER 10 // E6 0A


At $02DD the game checks if LEVEL_FLAG 31 is 0. If not, it jumps to $02EA.

If the flag was 0, we will continue at $02E5 which has an ENCOUNTER command with parameter 10.
This launches the copy protection dialog.

Let's try to remove that.

Go to the SCRIPT page and scroll down to event 1. Locate the ENCOUNTER command and parameter
(E6 0A) and remove the line.

Press Control + F9 to parse the script / update the datafile.

Run the game and check if the copy protection was removed.


Another thing:

If you want the game start faster without the graphics card / sound card questionnaire or the intro, edit the file "dosbox_eob1_single.conf" in the game folder to look like this:

# ipx -- Enable ipx over UDP/IP emulation.

mount c ".."
mount C "..\cloud_saves" -t overlay
eob 3 1 1 homie
The All-Seeing Eye package now contains editors for both EOB 1 and 2.