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Hi all. I'm ready to start the gold box series again after many years, with Pool of Radiance. I never did finish it, or really even get that far, but I remember enjoying it and wanting to get back to it. Anyway, one thing I remember specifically is the opportunity to steal things near the beginning of the game... some nice gauntlets from a box you were trusted to deliver unopened, then later the equipment of a paladin whose tomb you can either raid or leave alone. Now of course in a tabletop game, I'd never consider such things, but in a crpg I'm not so sure. I don't want any spoilers, but I'm curious if I can take that equipment to bolster my party with no future consequences (other than terrible guilt) or if I should think twice. Oh, also, shortly after the paladin, I remember a pyramid populated with lizard men and other baddies. I found at least one secret door, and I thought I explored everything on each level, but I remember having no clue where to go from there, as if I'd missed something important somewhere, and that's where I stopped. Can you spare a minor hint or two without divulging any spoilers? I do appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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Take the loot unless you are role playing a Lawful Good party.

In the Pyramid there's lots of teleporters and you need to map carefully.
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your time and expertise.