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I'm very excited about what's going to happen in the next month, but there's
still so much work my dwarves can get done for the Showdown.

Therefore I would love for you to send me all the feedback and issues you find -
preferably through the in-game bug reporter.

It'll help me figure out;
-gameplay issues
-human genetic shortcomings

Thank you all for proving such able participants!


I bought the game on release via so haven't been privvy to any ongoing issues throughout development, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I did search with no joy.

I want to report I am getting some real bad stuttering on this game, it doesn't appear to be FPS drops as far as I can tell, just a stutter, very apparent when the game scrolls across the arena to your hero at the start of a round, but evident at all times.

I have tried to force V-sync on and off, enabled triple buffering and forced on up to 4 pre-rendered frames via Nvidia control panel, with no difference in results. I have also lowered the GFX settings to low to see if that is the issue and it also didn;t cure it.

In addition I stopped the game accessing the internet to see if that was the problem, however this also didn't help.

Any thoughts? My PC specs are as follows, would appreciate it if anyone has a solution they can post or indeed if you are getting the same problem, you can report it as well so it is highlighted.

The game is playable, this is just a real distraction and it is getting in the way of enjoying the game.

PC Specs:

i7-4790k 4gb
GTX 980 ti
16 gb RAM
Windows 10
SSD x 2

This has been picked up over at the Steam Forum on the following thread:
Feedback - I really enjoy this game!
I'm not sure why people are complaining about the melee characters over at Steam. I just smashed through the second campaign with the good ol' hammer guy (sorry the name is lost on me). Thinking about trying the Season stuff in the near future.
Feedback: You should be able to have more than five decks per character. Ideally there would be no limit, but if that's not possible then I think we should at least be allowed twenty or thirty decks per character. The more the better!
Bug: (Drone Invasion is not installed yet, if that is important)

When I played Frontline yesterday, in one of the arenas leading directly to Ruby, my Squire of Light (who had almost 190 health at this point still) died before I even had the chance to start the arena, because he spawned on one of the acid fountains.
I was irritated during the card selection screen, beause I could hear him taking damage even though I was yet to start the arena, and when I had played the card, I saw the acid spewing upwards and he had only 3 health points left. It was game over before I could even click on him.

Great game. It's even fun, when I loose. So: Thank you very much for it.
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