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The topic title says it all: I tried to play "Flashback" in Italian and it was f***ing TORTURE!
Whoever was in charge of this translation just passed the sentences through an automatic translator (i.e. Google Translate, possibly) and submitted everything to Paul Cuisset or Anuman Interactive or whatever and I presume he/she GOT PAID FOR LITERALLY NO WORK DONE, which is the biggest shame I can imagine for a classic game like this.

So, here I am: I can speak (in order of fluency) Italian, English, French and Spanish and I can correct that abomination, if only Anuman or Monsieur Cuisset could be so kind to make me use their source files.

Someone please let them know or tell me how I can get in touch with them to make them know.

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.
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I recommend that you contact the developer directly, or at least GOG support to see if they can forward your message to them
Very bad Ita translation fixed already :)