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Hello good and kindly people!

Much like the rest of you I adored this game when it came out and spent many hours playing it despite it constantly crashing (especially when enemy planes appeared on screen).

But, unlike the rest of you I am a complete moron when it comes to technical or computer based issues (I bang wood together for a living) so I need some help.

I would like to buy this game and run it on my laptop, which runs windows 10.

How can I do that?

I have read through the forum posts and understand the words in there but not the actions they talk about.

So, is there someone who can take pity on me and explain it to me like I am a four year old?

I will be eternally grateful to you

Thanks you

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First of all:


It is currently a part of the Warhammer giveaway, go to the front page ( scroll a bit down, and you will see "Add to library" button on "Skulls FREE GAME" banner, press it and it will be added. Then install it and check if it works on your computer without issue, maybe in your case no further action will be needed.
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Yes, I am not sure what the correct solution is. I've read some of the topics on this forum but there doesn't seem to be anything clear-cut.
i took the free giveaway and had no idea this was the free game since the pic shows "WARHAMMER SKULLS" and there seems to be no game named that.

when i did see Final Lib in my library i realised it's yet another "free" game i don't want since i read it's buggy as hell then , it's still buggy as hell now. no thanks. but no way to removing it now! sux.
Ahhhh damn!

I missed the sale!

Well thanks for the help sad to have not made use of it.

Is there any chance of someone out there with the patience to answer my original question? I accept my ignorance is not fully deserving of help, but I can hope!

Thanks :)