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to change the fov in these games you need to go to where fear.exe and fear2.exe are located, on these folders create a file called autoexec.cfg

now open autoexec.cfg with notepad and for fear 1 type:

"FovXWidescreen" "95.000000"
"FovYWidescreen" "95.000000"

for fear 2:

"FovY" 95.000000
"FovX" 95.000000

note: it doesn't need to be 95 degrees it's just the number i recommend and if you only want to increase the fov horizontally then delete "FovXWidescreen" "95.000000" or "FovX" 95.000000, also the file name should just be autoexec.cfg and not something like autoexec.cfg.txt or "autoexec".cfg.
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Thank you! Very helpful :-)
This thread comes up in Google searches so just wanted to post that FEAR uses a vertical FOV and thus 95 is an insanely high number. The equivalent of a "normal" 95 would be 65.