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There are some entries in the fault series that are missing on GOG. :(
Worse, the devs have stated there are no plans for GOG releases moving forward!

I've started this thread to help make others aware of the issue, and hopefully rally help in getting the games here.

- - - - -
No GOG plans
- - - - -

The devs, ALICE IN DISSONANCE, have changed their publisher from Sekai Project. The Sekai Project published titles are already on GOG.

The newer titles however are not, and the devs have stated there are no plans to bring them here.

When asked about it on their discord:
theres no plan for it, mostly because we’ve forgotten about that platform
ill poke our publisher to instigate GoG, no promises as of now, but we’ll try
And more recently:
yeah gog is a publisher thing… we have a meeting with them soon so we’ll bring it up!

- - - - -
The missing entries
- - - - -

Mainline story:
- fault - milestone two side: below (not out yet, published by Phoenixx Inc.)

Side story (Silence the Pedant):
- StP demo is on Steam (self-published)
- fault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE, released recently on Steam (published by Phoenixx Inc.)

- - - - -
What you can do
- - - - -

Politely ask the parties involved to bring the games here:

- developers:

- publisher:

- GOG:
not sure but maybe by opening a support ticket

Please be polite! We don't want to make enemies here.
We just need to let them know they have a customer base here too that deserves equal treament.
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milkymylk: - GOG:
not sure but maybe by opening a support ticket
Opening a support ticket is not the right way. GOG support won't be able to help you here at all ... you'd want to contact the product team who is responsible for getting new games on GOG. Unfortunately you can't. You can however create a wishlist entry in the community wishlist and vote for it ... also inform others about that wishlist. It is however still unlikely that GOG can bring any game here if a publisher is not interested as well.

Anyway, I noticed there are already wishlist entrys:
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