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I had (as of 08-2020) massive problems with random but frequent crashes of the demo, and I think all others that try it will experience the same.
Looking for a solution (to get more than 1 move without crashing), I had to use the competition.
The version of the 'vapor' platform seems to be much more stable and bug-fixed, providing a much better gaming experience and - ofc - better motivation to buy the full game. Since I clearly prefer the GoG version since I don't have a permanent internet connection on my gaming machine, I would highly appreciate your efforts to keep the patch levels identical on different sales platforms. Or, if your resources won't allow that, just concentrate on some but don't ruin your reputation by distributing buggy crashware - with no updates for prolonged times - on some obviously lower-priority platforms.

Best regards,

FG veteran

PS: don't tell me to update video drivers and other useless information, the installer of the demo is much older than my gfx driver (and whole PC, too), so the problem is not my setup, it's your old version of the game! The aforementioned version of the competitor runs without problems, and can even load the savegames :-)
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