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First off my only experience with fallout besides a few trail and error files is fallout 3 I am playing fallout 1 now but if it pays off I will use this build in fallout 2
second I plan to start off with bruiser and gifted traits and I will tag unarmed sneak and speak
I will focus on my tag skills science lock picking and heavy weapons, energy weapons or throwing to deal with things I cant punch I will also invest in gambling just to see if it opens some interesting options in the story
I will also might take the following perks slayer hth damage hth accuracy (if it can raise my unarmed after it has been maxed out with skill points ) educated fortune finder scrounger and mysteries stranger
lastly my stats will be s8 p4 e4 i10 a8 l8
my questions are 1 without spoilers are there situations in the story were this build will pay off like being captured or is this just a gimmick character?
2 aside from brass knuckles are their weapons like the power fist and death claw glove from fallout 3 I should look for?
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Unarmed builds are very doable in Fallout, but the game is harder this way. The Bruiser trait isn't that great, you basically sacrifice Action Points for 2 more SPECIAL points. You can easily skip this trait and lower your Strength to 6 since you can get +3 from Power Armor and +1 from surgery. In place of Bruiser I would suggest either Small Frame or Good Natured. Small Frame lowers your max carry weight, but an unarmed character doesn't need to carry heavy weapons or ammo. Good Natured lowers your combat skills and raises some non combat, if you focus on just one combat skill then this helps a lot more than it hurts. You can easily make up the loss of your one skill while getting the benefit of the other passive skills. Unarmed weapons are Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles and thr Power Fist, although hitting someone with a rock also uses the Unarmed Skill. There is is an option to get in a fist fight early in the game but otherwise there is no specific advantage to playing Unarmed only in Fallout. However there are a few fun benefits available to Unarmed characters in Fallout 2.
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