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I've been trying to play Tactics and decided to give the Redux mod a try, but when I start it up it's shifty and stuttery. The BOS_HR.exe provided in the default GOG install works flawlessly, but the provided BOS.exe for the mod suffers from the same issues as the vanilla BOS.exe. Videos stutter, gameplay is laggy, and I'm totally unfamiliar with how to fix this or if it is indeed fixable.

Windows 10 64-bit, if it matters.
Old thread, but I have exactly the sam problem. Is there a way to fix this problem?

EDIT: I think I found a solution. After messing around with a Hex Editor to get the differences between BOS.exe and BOS_HR.exe sorted out, it still didn't work. This seemed so strange to me that I tried something weird, which actually worked.

1. Rename the original BOS_HR.exe to (or something similar)
2. I assume you already copied over the BOX.exe from the Redux mod (together with the rest of the mod)
3. Apply the HD patch to the BOX.exe (if you want)
4. Just rename BOX.exe to BOX_HR.exe -> That's all! Suddenly it works

I say I "think" I found a solution, because I didn't test everything, but at least the stuttering is gone, and I can be sure that the Redux BOS.exe is used, as there is no other exe that could be executed.
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