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Just finished FNV finally.

Originally owned on steam, when my old HDD went phut and was replaced I was unable to get back into steam. Waited and finally it arrived here - but not for my old XP system. (On the same day as it was released by GoG they dropped XP support. Talk about up and down.

When I bought my shiny new rig (Win7 etc) FNV was one of the first games I bought. It ran, with success. I experienced the infinite loading bug twice, and it crashed once while entering a new location. Otherwise, all went well. 135 hours, so the few hiccups weren't problematic.

Just to let people know, it does work, unmodded, and after several years of waiting, I completed it with all DLC's.

So it took several years and old man style patience, but I got there.

spolier alert.... the end of the hoover dam battle the game ends. Complete everything else before you set off on this one. You are given fair warning though.
Congrats, it's a heck of a game!