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i realise that many people would consider me a blasphemer, but here's a question to GoG:
do you plan to increase your download bandwidth? ~700 KB/s seems helluva slow, and if we take in consideration future increase of subscribers/downloaders i think it's gonna decrease drastically. so, any increase planned?
upd: oops, that was intended to be posted in general, sorry about that. somebody move it there, if that is possible...
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Regardless of where you posted, I'll reply.
with steam I get about the same bandwidth, and the connection I get from my isp is a 12mb connection.
I think ~700kb is fine, it's faster than most torrents anyway.
thanks for reply)
it's ok as long as it's not slowing down, and yes, faster then some torrents. i'm just worried in advance)
Yeah, 700 kB/s is actually really damn good. ^_^ Mine didn't pipe that quickly, and I also have the 12 MB connection (with Power-Boost! Making fast even faster!)
Comcast seems selective with its extra bandwidth allocation.
EDIT: Since I didn't ACTUALLY say anything, allow me to amend that. I think that, given the file sizes on GOG, having a download speed like 700 should not be a serious issue. As mentioned above, Steam performs similarly, and that may actually be worth worrying about, in my oh-so-humble opinion.
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Hmmm, I got better than that when getting FO and FO2, my download speed (according to DL manager in FireFox) was around 1.7 MB/S when I checked right at the start, and FO2 I got when it was pretty much peaktime here in Sweden. (around 19.00)
I'd guess that there's some bottleneck between you and the server, sure, I've seen a lot higher from UseNet, but as far as http goes gog hovers among the best of them. (barring rapidshare which has beaten all competition by quite a bit, but *for me* the speed from gog is far from a problem, do note the *for me* part)
My downloads have come from a Content Delivery Network by the name of BitGravity, I'm guessing CoG use the same network worldwide. So your download speeds will be dependent on how close you are to the CDN server, and how busy it is.
Personally, there is a BitGravity server farm in my city. At home I get download speeds that max out my ADSL - up to 1.2mbytes/sec. At work (at an ISP) I get 10mbytes/sec (that isn't a typo, I'd likely get more but my work PC only has a 100mbit NIC).
I'd say 700kbytes/sec is quite acceptable, and if you are running anything pre-Vista, you can possibly improve this by some tweaking on your side.
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