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I didn't really think of creating a question on this topic, as it's not that big of a deal, but I'm having an issue with Fallout 1, when I want my character to go someplace I have to do this weird Left/Right/Left click combo. he won't move with one left click, won't move with one right, but if I do that, he moves pretty quickly.
is this a flaw or a feature?
This question / problem has been solved by Ansobimage
Weclock: is this a flaw or a feature?

Right-clicking doesn't make you move in Fallout; it switches your cursor between the move cursor (the red, hex-shaped one) and the look cursor (the arrow). The move cursor is used to, well, move (left-click somewhere you can reach), and the look cursor is used to interact with the world - hold down left button when in look mode and you'll get a drop-down menu (drag your mouse up or down to select).
That shouldn't be happening. Right-clicking should toggle the cursor between an arrow and a red hexagon. The hexagon allows your character to move wherever you left-click (as long as your character can move/get there). The arrow performs a context-sensitive action when left-clicked (or will display a list of actions if you hold a left-click).
(Looks like Ansob beat me to it. :)
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