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Travisx2: I fyou are still around here
I don't understand: Make sure (in fallout tactics) is in the mod you wish to play.
Where and what do I tell about ?
If you have a mintute could you expand on this?
I'm about 2 hours in and it's become unplayable.
fps limiter doesn't seem to work on win7-64 laptop (with nvidia card)
Vault15: Sorry about taking a century to respond. Did the Vertical Refresh fix not work for you? I'm curious if you managed to find a fix since I realize how different Nvidia and AMD software is.

I find it funny that the official "solution" is "oh, raise your outdoorsman stats and you're good."
No Worries,
nothing worked.. I just finished the Game yesterday !
I just resigned myself to clicking (no) or (avoid) 30-60 times per travel.
(it Sucked) High outdoorsman skill meant that I did not have to fight anything I didn't want to but wow
did it make things boring at times.
The links are dead, no longer work. Can anyone please repost? I'd like to play fallout tactics.
Sentou: I have read that this is due to Fallout Tactics judging random encounters by frames, but:

I'm running into, on average, 3-4 encounters per grid square .. making the game relatively unplayable, at least without frustration.

I have tried patching to 1.27 (which said it fixed said issue) but after doing so, it prompts you to "insert the Fallout Tactics CD", which of course, isn't possible.

Is there any other fix for the encounter rate?
Sarafan: The GOG version is already patched to 1.27. You could try to raise outdoorsman skill of one of your characters. This will allow you to avoid some encounters.
This. This is your solution. Upgrade one character with outdoorsman to 100+ (easily done with the skillbooks) and you don't have to take any encounter you don't want to.