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SOLUTION: Hey guys thanks for the help, I appreciate it. All your replies have been wonderful.
For other Mac Gamers doing this, I tried VMWare Fusion, and it told me the problem. SOme games on here are 256 colour mode. New macs do not support it. You'll get the glory of the game, just no video. If you know how to fix this tell me, other than that, find a shitty PC you can kick around.
So far the only game I cant seem to get working is Fallout. I am using XP SP3 on Parallels on my MacBook Pro with the game installed to my portable hard drive (WD My Passport). Any other game I buy and play on it is fine cept this. It plays the beginning fanfare, but I get a black screen, and wont do anything. I have to hit ESC to get out.
Okay, it will play but there is NO video. I am running an ATI x1600. Do I have to do something to Parallels or inside windows? My Mac? Any positive solution?
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I have this exact same problem, with XP SP3 virtual machine, Parallels, Macbook Pro, and ATI Radeon x1600. Very sad, cause I just downloaded the game today and can't play - I hear music but a totally black screen. Esc is the only way to close, cause I can't see either. :(