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The issue here is that I have all of wine's dependencies and optional dependencies , btw I am on antergos ( basically arch) , But I guess I will just have to make my own ....
lukadominiek: The issue here is that I have all of wine's dependencies and optional dependencies , btw I am on antergos ( basically arch) , But I guess I will just have to make my own ....
It's likely that some update to Arch has broken compatibility with it then. It might work with a newer version of Wine... I'm planning to update my wrappers to 3.0/3.0-staging when that's ready, but until then you could try it with 2.21-staging instead and see if that works any better:

- Download https://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.1/wine-mono-4.7.1.msi and place it in ~/.cache/wine
- Run the wrapper build script as so: WRAP_WVER=2.21-staging ./falloutnv_wine.sh
You people make it way too complicated! Or is that me? I use Arch as my main OS and do not even own Windows. This game and many others runs perfect in PlayOnLinux using Wine 2.8 64-bit! Here's the catch though. I run a Debian 9 KVM on Arch and my NVIDIA card is attached to the VM, Arch does not have access to it. I use the graphics in my Intel I7 for Arch since I don't play games on it. This to me is the perfect setup because I can backup all of it and I can restore it when needed.
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Complicated? Aside from installing dependencies (which you'll have to do anyway):

- Put all the files in one place and run the falloutnv_wine.sh script to assemble the wrapper (and move the resulting directory wherever you want the game installed to, if it isn't there already)
- Run start.sh to play. Saves & settings will be stored in the user's home directory (or optionally in the wrapper's root directory if a "userdata" directory is created there)

Installing and using mods, third party tools etc will require additional steps, but again that'll be necessary either way.
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On the latest non staging version of wine the game works fine .... , I beat the first dlc honest hearts with it.
All though it crashed sometimes and has weird white pixels flashing sometimes .... maybe I have to try your way sometime again :D
Anyone know how to get the Original Fallouts running on Mac? just bought fallout 2 and can't figure out how to use Wineskin to run install and run it
Good Day,

I'm using Debian Sid and with the recent update to Wine 3.0, I had to have a look in the Wine configuration to fix new errors occuring at runtime, usually triggered by selecting the Mojave music radio.

Concerning my Fallout New Vegas environment, I run it with Wine's virtual desktop activated, I use a GPU with the radeon driver provided by my distribution, and everything is working well, modulo the fact that:
- with Wine 2.0.4, I had to disable winegstreamer for proper game execution,
- with the upgrade to Wine 3.0, I also had to disable mshtml and mscoree.

I am testing these settings in a clean Wine prefix at the moment to ensure the modifications are necessary, sufficient and working (virtual desktop seems necessary in my case), as I tidied a bit my main prefix with Winetricks. B-)
So far, so good... I hope this helps if anyone is running into troubles.