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- Win 7 64 bit
- 4 Core Processor
- Installed in C: then uninstalled and made a fresh install in F: Hdd
- Drivers up to date
- hi res patch works fine
- sfall colour solution works perfect
- tryed different screen resolutions, did'nt help
Fallout 2 will crash with a freeze. Only reboot possible.
Mostly it crashes 10 minutes in game.
What can i do next?
This question / problem has been solved by Ralackkimage
Unless you want features with sfall you should beable to get it to run without it, using only the high res patch, which when you go into the options and change it to 16bit colour it should get rid of your colour problem as well. So you could try that and see if it will work without sfall.
Another is to try running it as an administrator.
Post edited July 20, 2010 by Ralackk
I uninstalled sfall and i removed also the PalettestealerSuspender.
As far for now, the Game works perfectly fine with just the Hi Res Patch set to 16 Bit.
Thank you very much.