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Hi everyone,
So I just downloaded this a couple of days ago and it seems to be working fine (win 7, 64-bit 2GHz CPU and 4GB RAM) but when I reach trapper town and try opening a certain bookcase, the game crashes and show me this:

Anyone know what causes this, is there a fix?

Nevermind, installing killaps unofficial patch seems to have solved the issue. That's an awesome patch btw, I'm surprised it isn't mentioned somewhere immediately upon downloading the game.

Nngh. Seems it wasn't fixed. Now the same thing happened once again in the toxic caves, during combat.
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Try un-installing F2 and reinstalling in a non program files directory (For example, 'C:\\' instead of 'C:\Program Files (x86)\'). UAC in Win 7 and Vista can interfere with program operation.

Make sure you install with administrative privileges; to be sure, right click the installer and click 'run as administrator'.

Note that I'm inferring that you have either of these two OS's since I see (x86) and it looks like you've got an AERO desktop. If this is wrong, then my above advice is probably worthless.

EDIT: killap's patch require that the program is NOT ran in any sort of compatibility mode, if I recall correctly. You can't even have 256 colors on: make sure that everything is unchecked in compatibility settings.
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Thanks. Yeah, I mention Win 7 above but I suppose it could be clearer :)
I'm not sure about AERO Desktop, I'm using whatever came with Win 7 as default.

Yeah for killaps patch I had to go into the config and set graphics mode=4 as well as uncheck the compatibility mode. No problems after that.

I've finished the game since with only a few crashes here and there, it seems to happen almost exclusively in combat and might have to do with the targeting mechanic. I'll try changing the directory if it happens a lot on my next playthrough.