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Thought you all would want to see this.
deejrandom: Thought you all would want to see this.
It says the video on that link was deleted. Fortunately, it looks like they put it up on Youtube.

But yeah, I did see the video. It's about 16 minutes long. It's looking really nice, I think! Definitely has the Fallout-ish vibe.
I totally dig the keyword idea brought back from Wasteland! And hearing Mike Morgan's music again makes my awesome-sense tingle!
Yeah I saw they changed it, I just forgot to come back here and update it :) Thanks for putting it up.

I do think it looks good. Has a cool Wasteland/Fallout vibe. Looking forward to it.
For sure. Wasteland 2 has been a long time coming. Its looking sharp.
Also want to add that it looks so alike fallout 1 and 2, that it can't be a miss. First two games were fantastic.
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