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Unit movement engine optimizations
AI update to be more greedy about getting goodie huts
Early game technology costs reduced
Default unit movement increased from 2 to 3 tiles.
Sovereign default combat speed increased from 22 to 32
Sovereign default HP increased from 20 to 28.
Several bug fixes to late game instability
Unfortunately a mix of balance/gameplay changes and fixes/optimizations. So far its also unclear if the potential modding problem from 2.5 (according to some posts on Steam forum - didnt verify myself) is fixed or not.
Just noticed that Stardock didnt post this in the FE forum but rather some other more general forum:
In the FE forum there is still no official info.

However I found sth generally interesting:

As well, this will remove the unlisted XML changes such as the army size changes.

This is from competent modder so its probably true.
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Steam forum has various posts with crashes and maybe other bugs. So 2.5.1 is probably not properly stable yet.
Update 2.5.1 now live on Galaxy
T_a_J: Update 2.5.1 now live on Galaxy
Thanks for posting. It is so far not available per offline installer. (I just made a support ticket.)
2.5.1 (for "Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes") is now available per offline installer too. Download seems to work, havent tried it (yet) though.