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I finally started playing this game and I already have a feeling this is not going to go well. Too bad because the story/interactive part is interesting but I'm not slaving against poor game design to find out. I think I'll watch a quiet let's play instead.

Regarding the auto-save system, it seems to have placed Lucas in the beginning get a call from a place starting timer immediately from my reload so I have rush to clean up apartment. Problem is, I haven't done anything before the police called as I was slowly going through the apartment and I've checked, I ran as fast as I could but I don't have time to finish that sequence.

Is that how the game will be all the way through? As soon as you start with Lucas you have to rush to interact with things ASAP? How can anyone find that enjoyable?
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I have a K90 keyboard and just created some macros. One just cycles through W, up, A, left, S, down, D, right and that hasn't failed a QTE yet.

Another does the A D hammering for that bar thing.

The third does Carla's breathing for me.

Only the last one took a few goes to get right.

I competed the game many years ago so have already done it all without this cheating. Now I can actually just watch what is going on without having my eyes glueg to the QTE icons and missing it.
While I love the French (Hell, I'm even playing the game in Francaise) I detest their control schemes as much as their gratuitous abuse of vowels in their words! Seriously, you have to fuckin' hit "A and the left key in order to fuckin' dodge to the left!?..Fuck-it I rage-quit the fuckin' game until I can buy a controller as I don't type, so It's not as natural as it is for most PC gamers....But no matter, I can play a mean guitar, so there! X^P
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Anyone tried Cheat Engines Speedhack? I vaguely recall it working though I think Fahrenheit has issues with alt tabbing which makes it problematic.

Also I'm not sure the details but failing a section can be interesting. I've always meant to go through the game and mess up a whole bunch rather than trying to "win" each section.