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It feels too much of a chore to play Fahrenheit and that's a shame, as it does belong among the games I'd like to like more. The plot is interesting and the atmosphere is good, it's just the gameplay that suck.
i dont remember having much of a problem with the controls. all i remember is that i enjoyed the game back in the day.
I assigned the movement keys from the arrow keys to a, s, d and w, and in the numpad the down key from 2 to 5. It helped very much, the controls became more intuitive, but of course you need some practice, I died several times at the apartment sequence but in the end of the game the QTE were way too easy.
Is not as much the controls I find annoying, it's that the game basicly is one huge reflex test. Not that great as a primary gameplay approach.

What I find personally disappointing is, that the game starts out as a decent adevnture but pretty soon devolves into a one big QTE fest.
Remember that you can change difficulty to easy even during the game. With easy difficulty QTE sequences should be less painful.
The funniest thing is the game's attempt at sexy quick time events. I mean, that has to win some sort of award, right?
I totally agree.. Especially when they pop up outta no where. Im sitting back relaxing playing and then bam, quick time event before i even have enough time to get my hands on the keyboard.

I wish i read more about the game, or saw a more indepth post about how they quick events worked.. as i didnt really understand what people ment..

basically they are super fast key pressing events that you have to press keys in sequence they tell you to follow..

Not only that, they use 2 sperate key groupings at the same time. with each grouping having different keys to press, and often at the same time.

Like this could be an event... right arrow+2, up arrow+4, right arrow+6, down arrow+8, left arrow+2.... and this can go on for 20+ times..

The events last way to long, and are way to fast even on the easiest setting.. After making about 1/3 of the way through the game i finally said screw this.. this game blows

The last thing i want in an adventure game is twitch based 2 handed keyboard playing.. If i wanted that id be playing an RTS
There was only one or two points in the game where QTEs were straight up annoying, but one thing you gotta do is adjust your keyboard the way you are most comfortable with. I run on a laptop, so I HAVE to use WASD + Arrow Keys, or face the awkward mouse controls.
I guess to each his own.. cause honestly for me.. there wasnt a single QTE i liked.. and most i found down right very difficult..

I guess im too old for this twich stuff these days.. I wanna sit back and mouse click. with out a dought, completely ruined the game for me.. So much i made it about 4+ frustrating hours in.. and finally said,, screw this.. I was only about 1/3 of the way through acording to a walk through.. (note i didnt really need the walkthrough, i was just looking for ways around the blasted QTE!!

I say that cause the game isnt hard to figure out.. but for me the QTE's sucked.. and they can lead to you diing, or not getting your depression up, so failing them means your gonna die eventually anyways
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For me, QTE was ok with gamepad on normal difficulty. Probably because the analog sticks were simpler to use for the 2 sets of 4 directions, and only had to be tapped just out of the dead zone to get it right. But it might have been easier in the gamepad mode of play, with slower timings or something.

The QTEs IMO didn't really distract from the game, watching the action sequences is a lot less cool than playing them and you don't really miss that much. But sometimes the QTEs seemed forced, for example to listen to the thoughts a character is having in the middle of a conversation.

The sex QTE was hilarious though XD They should have used the more complicated 8 key one, but I guess it was just the same move over and over, nothing like the matrix revolutions style fights =P
Are the QTE bugged or is it just me?

I couldn't pass the scene with the monsters when the guy is at the office near the beginning of the game. So I had first to set the difficulty from normal to easy. It was a bit easier, but even then some of them were impossible no matter what. It was particularly frustrating when they seemed easy and I didn't understand why I failed. Other events on the other hand I never failed, usually those with two buttons at the same time.

Anyway, out of frustration, I tried to play stupidly, hitting randomly all of the buttons very quickly, and it worked. This is a bit sad, but I have a much higher chance of success if I cheat this way. At least I can go on.


It is me who is bugged. I thought the numpad keys were for the control on the left. I am playing on a laptop without a proper numpad, but still I can't believe it took me so long to realize that.

So I was playing with left and right switched, that explains why it worked only for the double buttons. I am glad I didn't finish the game by cheating before realized my mistake. So far, I am really enjoying the game.
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There is no other way to say this, the QTE was a terrible design decision for this game.

I don't mind the occasional QTE thrown into my games (like God of War, Mercenaries 2) but when the whole entire game is based on the same QTE mechanics it becomes absolutely ridiculous.

It is otherwise a pretty good game. But yes completely and utterly ruined...