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They removed the original version (see attached) from the store and now you can only buy the remaster. Everyone who already owned the original prior to its removal, got the remastered version for free (I'm guessing, hope they didn't charge by mistake).

It's probably just someone at GOG who was doing this transition messing up the process. They should've sent some kind of notification email instead of a fake order. Or, at least, have it appear as a 0 $ order.
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HotelBotFango: They should've sent some kind of notification email instead of a fake order. Or, at least, have it appear as a 0 $ order.
More info on the remaster side:
I got the same order email too and thought something suss was happening. Immediately chk'd paypal, no purchase made!

Apparently the remaster is a free upgrade for people who have the original game in their library.

There is a news post on their website that mentions this ( that mentions this:

"All owners of the original will receive the Remastered version as a gift, and all who purchase the Remastered version will receive the original as a gift! No such thing as too much Fahrenheit and we want you to enjoy it however you prefer."

It would've been nice to have a newsletter email sent out saying this in case people thought the same way.

A free upgrade is nice all the same, since I'm a big fan of the original game!

Thanks anyways GOG team! 'preciate it! :D

P.S. Just chk'd my emails again, there was an emailed newsletter sent out detailing the Quantic Dream games being released but no info was mentioned about getting the remaster as a free gift. Good thing to remember for next time, GOG team! ;)
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I did actually turn off almost all emails from GoG as I got tired of offers I never use. Maybe one of those that were turned off had info on this?
Metal♄orse: Nobody has my account info, the game was bought in $ not £ and it is not my card that was charged.

I am very confused...
I got the exact same thing. Apparently it happened while I was asleep in bed as well.
Oops, should have checked here before I submitted a refund claim to customer services.

Although I didn't get any email about it other than the order completion telling me I've been charged $10 despite all my purchases being in €, and I get all their annoying junk mail.
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Same here, showing up as a $10.35 purchase (should be € and, well, free). Contacted support just in case.
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I got the same. But I did not get charged anywhere.

Did they maybe try to give you the game for free because you already own the original version (Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy)?

That would make some sense as the remastered version was just released recently.
Same here...
Not impressed with the formatting of the email if this was a "free" upgrade as, unlike previous free upgrades, it heavily implied I was charged for something I never asked for.
Same here, I didn't think to check here first, but went directly to the support pages and sent an email to them. That was a good scare, albeit a bit early for halloween ;)

I have learned now that there's a blog post about getting this for free, but it would've been nice if it said in a newsletter email or at least on the game page. I didn't even know the blog existed until today!

Anyway, I appreciate the free gift, but not the scare it brought.
Glad this was indeed a giveaway.
I too was spooked thought someone was messing with my account.

Appreciate the gift GOG, but as it has been said; future ones could be formatted a bit better to not raise alarm bells.
Same here
I really do appreciate the gesture, GoG, but please, for the future, make sure you're more transparent about what it is that it's actually happening.

I got into alert mode immediately and thought my account somehow got cracked. Went on to my bank account to check my last transactions and also promptly changed my account password.

Again, thank you, GoG! But next time, please provide a bit more context. :-)
More info here, locking this thread to avoid duplicating the subject.