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The controls are somewhat painful (and not only because I have a bad wrist) with keyboard and mouse.. Luckily I own a Logitech controler (set to xbox). Sadly, the controls aren't working. I can't look around (left click and drag around on K&M) and the right analog stick isn't working in game. I use this controller to play Devil May Cry 4, and it works, but it isn't working in this game.

[edit] Just installed two games. One was Anomaly: Warzone and the other Guilty Gear X2. Both of these games use controller. Anomaly, as well as the previously mentioned DMC4, were purchased from Gamer's Gate. Both of these games are working well with my controller. Neither Fahrenheit nor Guilty Gear X2 work with this controller, both of which were purchased on this site. In the case of the ones that don't work, I tried using both settings on my controller (there is a switch to go back and forth between whatever the XBox uses and what games use to use). In the case of Fahrenheit, the buttons and controls don't work. In the case of Guilty Gear X2 the button mapping is screwed up, but they are all there.

[edit2] Forgot about Defense Grid: Awakening. I bought that off of Steam.
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Well, that answers the question I had regarding this game. Bought the censored version on Steam, but it wasn't playable with 360 controller because it wouldn't recognize the right stick.

Thought about buying the uncensored GOG version, but I guess the controller support in the game is just broken. $3 saved.
I have a Saitek P2500 Rumble Force gamepad that runs just wonderfully with this awesome, chilling game. I just plug it in (making sure my wireless 360 controller is offline first) and play to my heart's content, then unplug when I'm finished. Suuuure a bit inconvenient, but it sure gets the job done! :)
So you're saying the problem is that my controller is already plugged in?