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Changelog for Update 1.0.0 (14 August 2020):

- Added Spidertron and Spidertron remote.
- Added Freeplay crash site.

- Added polluted water visual effect.
- Added biter base decoratives.
- New visual effects for the atomic bomb.

- Significantly reduced the volume of robots deconstructing and entity destroyed alert.
- Reverted mining drill sound to the 0.17 version with high pitched part removed.
- Reverted inserter, furnace and assembling machine sounds to the 0.17 version.
- Changed the checkbox click sound (based on dropdown open sound).
- Changed the "green button sound" to have a normal button sound.

- Added EnemySpawnerPrototype and TurretPrototype properties: spawn_decoration and spawn_decoration_on_expansion.
- EntityPrototype water_reflection can now be defined inside graphics_set.
- Added ExplosionPrototype properties: Explosion prototype: scale_animation_speed, fade_in_duration, fade_out_duration, scale_in_duration, scale_out_duration, scale_end, scale_increment_per_tick, scale_initial, scale_initial_deviation, scale, and scale_deviation.
- ParticleSourcePrototype particle is now optional, added smoke property.
- Added ProjectilePrototype properties: speed_modifier and turning_speed_increases_exponentially_with_projectile_speed.
- Added LightDefinitionItem::source_orientation_offset.
- Added DecorativePrototype::decal_overdraw_priority.
- Added AreaTriggerItem::show_in_tooltip.
- Added 'set-tile' and 'camera-effect' trigger effects.
- Added CreateDecorativesTriggerEffectItem properties: apply_projection and spread_evenly.
- Added CreateExplosionTriggerEffectItem properties: max_movement_distance, inherit_movement_distance_from_projectile and cycle_while_moving.
- Added DamageTriggerEffectItem properties: vaporize, lower_distance_threshold, upper_distance_threshold, lower_damage_modifier and upper_damage_modifier.
- Added PlaySoundTriggerEffectItem properties: min_distance, max_distance, volume_modifier, audible_distance_modifier and play_on_target_position.
- Added ProjectileAttackParameters::projectile_orientation_offset.
- Added build_blueprint_small, build_blueprint_medium and build_blueprint_large to utility sounds.
- Renamed build_big utility sound to build_large.

- Added LuaEntity::autopilot_destination, vehicle_automatic_targeting_parameters and time_to_next_effect read/write.
- Added LuaItemStack::connected_entity read/write.
- Added LuaEntity::is_entity_with_force, is_entity_with_owner and is_entity_with_health read.
- Added LuaEntity::spawn_decorations().
- Added on_cutscene_cancelled, on_player_configured_spider_remote and on_player_used_spider_remote events.
- Added optional spawn_decorations parameter to LuaGameScript::create_entity.

Standalone installers updated: 0.17.79 ⇒ 1.0.0.
high rated
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, MAC] 1.1.27 ⇒ 1.1.30 .

Version 1.1.30 released as stable

Minor Features
• Blueprints and copy paste of entities with upgrade order are created based on the upgrade order instead of the current entity. more
• Enabled upgrading entities marked for upgrade, in which case, the upgrade target is used as the source entity for the upgrade planner filters.
• The announcement of player death now contains GPS tag with the location.

• Increased the tank braking power from 400kw to 800kw. Before this change, the tank acceleration (600kw) was actually even greater than the braking force.

• Fixed incorrect color lookup table interpolation for ambient light around noon.
• Fixed that built electric pole from map view was also opened with the same click with alternative key binding. more
• Fixed that laser and fluid turret bonus, wasn't shown properly in the toooltip. This bonus is not used in vanilla which uses ammo category bonus. more
• Fixed that part of the flamethrower turret and flamethrower ammo turret description, which describes the properties of the flame bound to it stargets didn't show the bonus damage from upgrades. more
• Fixed that mod install could cause removal of blueprint entities if it didn't remove the entity, but just made it not acceptable to be used in blueprint. more
• Fixed that the confirm load game dialog with 2 green arrow buttons had tooltips with (E) to confirm, while the E to confirm doesn't work here as it would be ambiguous. more
• Fixed crash related to using smart ghost belt building with a mod that specifies belt without related underground belt. more
• Fixed that renaming Spidertron didn't trigger on_entity_renamed. more
• Fixed that disabling side menu guis through script would sometimes leave an empty frame. more
• Fixed that crafting machines wouldn't wake up when the speed effect was changed in some situations. more
• Fixed that focus-search didn't in some GUIs work while in the map editor. more
• Fixed that chat icon selector didn't remember the last opened tab when used outside the game.
• Fixed that pressing Escape with the chat icon selector opened in a dialog outside the game closed the whole dialog instead of closing just the selector window.
• Fixed that pressing Control + F to search in the chat icon selector that is opened on top of a non-game window that already had search activated the bottom window search.
• Fixed that enabled train stops would cause schedule records for trains on different surfaces to be rendered as available. more
• Fixed rare crash when using Map editor -> Convert save. more
• Fixed electric pole connection consistency issue related to fast replace of modded entities. more
• Fixed that building by moving ignored the position where the player built the last entity. more
• Fixed a crash that could happen when viewing the tooltip for certain types of ammo. more
• Fixed that ammo tooltips sometimes wouldn't show damage info. more

• Added mod dependency modifier "~", which marks the mod as required, but doesn't affect mod loading order, so these kind of dependencies can be circular.
• Prototype/EntityWithHealth::healing_per_tick is now also used by trees, so their automatic healing is no longer hardcoded. more
• Loaders are now able to take or insert more than 1 item per transport line per tick. more

• Tweaked search in the install mods GUI, so the search order prioritizes the results more naturally.
• Unified the search button in the mod settings GUI.
• Improved some descriptions in Map Generator GUI. more