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I looked at the manual and pretty much everywhere (PC Gaming Wiki, too), but no one seems to address the game is borderline unplayable in Solo mode, which is the only way to play it with the GOG version. I just can't create a character, so all my progress, level ups, weapon/armor loadouts, level progress is reset every single time I exit and restart a game. In fact, the game makes me create a character every time I finish a level and move on to the next one. Is this part of the "oh-so-charming" Eurojank people keep praising? Because this is far from charming or "so bad it's good", it's just annoying and makes the game almost unplayable. Can't we at least create and save ONE freaking character so we can save progress from level to level?!
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It's a known bug:

[url=]Pc Gaming Wiki[/url]

Issues unresolved

Save system is broken on Windows 10

On Windows 10 systems the game's save system does not work properly; character or mission progress autosaving is inconsistent, and the game may skip large sections of the mission when loading a level.
Game can still be completed, though achieving 100% completion may be extremely difficult, as the bug interferes with the event flag required to spawn the werewolf and obtain the "Hypnotic Gate" artifact required for the "true ending".

Issues fixed

Possible Fixes for the Save system on Windows 10
Below are possible methods that fixes the game's save system to avoid repeating missions and skipping sections of missions.

Exclude save folder from File Indexing

Go to Settings.
Click on Search from the list.
Select Searching Windows from the sidebar.
Select Add an excluded Folder under Excluded Folders.
Add %USERPROFILE%\Documents\streumon\

Exclude save folder from Windows Defender

Go to Settings.
Select Update & Security.
Select Windows Security from the sidebar.
Click Open Windows Security.
Select Virus & threat protection from the sidebar.
Select Manage Settings under Virus & threat protection settings.
Select Add or remove exclusion under Exclusion.
Click on Add an exclusion, select Folder and add %USERPROFILE%\Documents\streumon\

Turn off Read Only attribute of the Save folder

Right click on streumon folder in %USERPROFILE%\Documents
Select Properties
In General tab, uncheck Read-Only and click Apply
Pick Apply Changes to this folder and subfolder and select OK.

Rename temp save files

In the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\streumon\eye\Save folder.
Rename files beginning with temp_ like so: temp_profilename.hl1 and temp_profilename.hl2 to profilename.hl1 and profilename.hl2 respectively.
Delete %USERPROFILE%\Documents\streumon\eye\Save\backup folder.
Launch the game.
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Like I said, PC Gaming Wiki was one of the places I looked for answers to this issue, and I had already tried everything they suggest doing, to no avail. Also, the way they describe the problem doesn't seem to quite match what I'm experiencing; I assumed it's the same thing, but it's not clear whether this issue they report and address is the exact same one I'm having, since they mention levels not loading completely and "100% completion" crap that doesn't really affect me, since I just wanted to be able to create a character even in single-player mode that would save my progress without having to "create" one every single time I advance a level in the game.
Glad to know I'm not the only one. Just started playing and was utterly baffled at why I had to create a character every level and I couldn't load any. Well, that's a shame. At least it wasn't much money...
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I had the same problem. What finally helped was to briefly suspend my antivirus software when I start up the game and create my character. Once the game successfully saved the profile it seems it can now autosave normally while the antivirus is running.

edit: Also, my antivirus was identifying EYE.exe as a security threat and tried to remove it. So I added that to the antivirus software's exclusion list.
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Thank you so much, timotaka! That did it, exactly like you said; I started the game with my AV software deactivated, I could finally create a character that got saved. Then, I exited the game, turned the AV software back on and the game is still recognizing my character as valid, and it's saving progress as it should. My AV wanted to quarantine EYE.exe and I had to restore it and add an exception, but, other than that, it's working perfectly. Again, thank you so much for the help!

NB: I decided not to directly reply to timotaka's post, since GOG's Forum notification system is completely broken, and if you're like me, dealing with OCD and a purple dot next to the Community tab that won't go away no matter how many times you check it is not fun, so I'm refraining from putting other people through that.
Happy to be of help!
I don't even think i'm able to pause my virus scan software.

This is a weird question but can anyone just attach a random save file, any build, i dont care, so i can play the game with progression?

GoG should be able to fix this I think? They could just add a default blank file there so it doesn't have issues creating it.

This is obviously some weird perms issue.

I have discord or if you could email a save? Or does anyone have any ideas where ic ould download a save maybe>


Also can't make a save file for single player