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Hello everyone !

Just bough (and happily finished !) GOG's version of expendable, which didn't even needed Picchioabbio's solution for multiple cores CPUs. No real problem... except for one : the game's videos only show up as (extra-)small thumbnails at the center of my screen... Crisp clear images and sound, but still in 640*480 format maybe, or even smaller ; it's hard to tell.
Not that it really mattered (considering the 'extreme' number and importance of those ^^ !), but still, I was wondering if that happened to someone else and if a solution existed... I've played it using a 1600*1200 32bits resolution, like for my desktop, with an Nvidia card, under Windows XP.
Any idears ?

Cheers !
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Sorry for not replying sooner. Amazing that you can finish this game, I find it quite hard :)

What you want to configure is the scaling option in the Nvidia driver.

Set it to aspect ratio instead of centred.
And sorry myself for not seeing your reply sooner too ^^ ! I haven't figured yet how to get informed about anyone's answer here...

I understand the technical aspect of your solution, but I don't see any corresponding option, either in the game or in the Nvidia control panel... What did you have in mind ? If this can be fixed, I'll be at least able to watch those two cutscenes in a better ratio than 5cm*5cm at the center of my screen ^^ !

And well, I'm no 'pro' at action games and my reflexes have always been quite average at best, but you can usually compensate for that, at least in most games - except those using cheap and dirty scripts to force you otherwise : small rooms, force fields and large numbers of enemies popping from nowhere for example ^^ -, by playing slowly, planning carefully your moves, and building a good understanding of their mechanics...
In "Expendable", this works well, even in the hardest mode. Once you begin to understand clearly the importance of each weapon, the behaviour of each enemy, and then associate each other correctly ; once you stop picking the wrong ones at the wrong time, try to find every possible secret, and keep in mind the structure of the level you're playing in, the slaughter becomes even trivial ^^ !
In fact, I had to set myself an additionnal goal to keep things interesting : finish every level without killing (or letting monsters kill) even one hostage. That made some of them a bit harder indeed, especially one near the end in which loads of hostages are scattered everywhere, (and of course) near their jailors...
But in the end, it's not that hard - nothing like the 'bullet hell' shoot'em up games only for masochists ^^ - and it's always (very) fun, which helps you try again without complaining (too much ^^).

Thanks for helping anyway...

Cheers !
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