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I can run go.exe or go_start.exe without problems, but the Setup button in the launcher (Expendable.exe) crashes and does nothing.

So I can't change the resolution of the game.

Editing config.txt and changing the resolution there, does nothing. The game always start at 1920x1080.

Changing desktop resolution before launching the game doesn't change the behaviour.
You could try it with dgVoodoo 2.
Strijkbout: You could try it with dgVoodoo 2.
Hi Strijkbout,

thank you for your answer. I've already tried with dgVoodoo 2 without success. But what did the trick was to use dgVoodoo 2 option "Disable and passthru to real DirectX". This options means the wrapper does nothing, but at the end is doing something because with that option, the setup panel works in the launcher. Then I can select the resolution and options, and later on deactivate the "Disable ..." option in dgVoodoo 2 to its config take effect.

This way I discovered that stencil shadows option in the game are broken. The only way to fix the projected shadows is to disable stencil shadows in launcher and the activate projected shadows in the game graphics options.

And finally, the problem with the framerate. The game has a framerate lock that render only 32 frames per second. But disabling it, the game renders 64 frames per second no matter the refreshrate or vsync configuration. So, even at 60hz-60 vsynced fps, the framepacing is wrong and there is constant judder because the pace of the game tries to match those 64 fps. Cheat engine 's speed hack could be a solution but crashes the game.

So, until someone can find a fix for that, uninstalled.
Post edited August 16, 2021 by MaLDoX