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I found a major bug in Evoland 1 - it is possible to leave the first area (Edel Vale) without picking the chest with Smoother Scrolling. You're not supposed to play the game that way, however ignoring this particular chest triggers a lot of bugs:
- Overworld Map loads, but with a strange behavior. It starts with a dark screen and eventually moves near your hero. You're still able to move after that.
- The same happens inside buildings in Papunika Village.
- The borders of current screen doesn't match the borders of the TV screen.
- After checking something/someone you're still able to move.
- Random battle trigger sound is louder and way more annoying.
- After defeating Kefka's Ghost, you can activate the crystal again and fight for the second time. After another battle the game crashes.

There is likely more, but I haven't reached furher parts of the geme yet in this minimalist run. Edel Vale in 3D is my current area.

In my opinion, the best solution will be moving this chest to a different spot (picture attached), making it unskippable.

There is few other minor bugs, not related to that chest:
- The text during battle won't fit in the item box if you have Cooked Choboko, but you don't have a Phoenix Down. Solution: Make the item box always bigger.
- If you collect all possible items (including both Raw and Cooked Choboko), then the items won't fill in the inventory box. Solution: Try to squeeze items further or remove the "Items:" text from inventory as a last resort.
- If you but Long Sword and Copper Armor, then you'll get a "You got Equiped" message. I think this is a typo. It should be "You got Equipped".
- This might not be a bug, but you can skip the sign chest and still be able to read signs after beating Kefka's Ghost.

I already contacted Shiro Games about this issue, unfortunately I don't have a response yet.
you clearly found an exploit. you should report it to shiro games directly.