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Evil Genius was second games developed by British developer Elixir Studios after 2003's Republic: The Revolution. This time Elixir used Dungeon Keeper's spirit allowing us to play wicked mastermind in the world of '60 spy movies. Idea behind games is good, almost everyone of us in subconscious wondered how it would be some super bastard. You will build your underground lair, conduct criminal activities across the Earth, even construct some great doomsday machine and throw whole world on it's kneel before you.
You have to steal money from around the world to finance all your needs. After building a base experts must be found to train your evil staff in some advanced skills. Also your base have to be protected from intruders, you need science labs to develop new traps, items or weapons. Game takes quite some time to complete but for mi it's big advantage.
Whole fun is started from tutorial which learns using interface and others aspects og ame but not all. Many hints will be shown on screen durring loading process. Main aim in games is to increase notoriety by performing Acts of Infamy and increasing your loot. Raising notoriety also increases 'heat' meter. It shows how much world powers are aware of your presence so you must be shure no one leaves with proofs of your activities. Active pouse is avaiable in game so management is little easier. You have to regularly search your islands for presence of enemies. Without it the can walk straight into your base. Most important is tagging super agents as soon as they appear on island.
You can control directly minions you hire and this great because their AI is very 'artifical'. They are too dumb to find enemies themselves so all depends on you... Minimap should posses more contrast, you must have good eyesight to differentiate enemies types colors.
Game is fun and quite addictive with lot of strategy within. Depending on game style you choose you have many possibilities. You can play cautious side or look for more fight.
I can compare game to Dungeon Keeper quite a lot and with good reason. Both games has got their wicked humour and charm and of course in both you are working for the evil side.
I'm sure you won't regret those few bucks. This games is well worth it. HAHAHAHAHAHA