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Oddly enough, the readme.txt in the EG directory reports the GOG install version as v1.01, but I'm not sure that's actually the case; the v1.01 patch fixed a few crashes and other small details (like changing the "Load Save" screen to "Load and Save," adding the version number to the Options screen, and fixing the loud music volume on the Escape menu). I think the official patch also fixed the issue with most loot items not transferring to the second island (which definitely exists in the GOG release). Does anybody know if GOG has any plans to incorporate these fixes?
Unfortunately, I think Rebellion itself kind of messed up. You can't apply the 1.01 patch to the GOG version, and they obviously didn't incorporate one themselves, as made apparant by the load save and loud music issues still being present. But there are a number of unofficial patches you can get out there that really improve the playability of the game and make some changes that make sense (like being able to put cameras in hotels) along with other quality of life improvements.

I keep getting a strange white box ontop of the interface on the second island I can't get rid of though, and i'm not sure why... (as a result of an unoffical patch) I must be doing something wrong with installing it but it's all fine on the first island for some reason! (and nobody has mentinoed the white box on the second island in any of the forum posts here so I dno't know if i'm the only one with the issue.)
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Well this sucks. Got excited to replay the game before the sequel, but GoG doesn't have the proper patch with it.

Then I got excited because I still have my original disks and the patch installer on my HD backup... but my gaming laptop doesn't have a disk drive!

EDIT - On the Steam forums for the game someone put together a patch collection including the official and unofficial 1.2 patches. Using those files to copy directly into the GOG install directory I have launch my game to be greeted with "LOAD AND SAVE" so it looks like a win!
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Please explain exactly how to patch the game. I'm computer illiterate. Also, I'm going to message GOG and ask them to get the game properly patched.
i asked rebellion about the official patch and they were unaware of it. now they will hopefully do something.