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Evil Genius is a great foray into the world of espionage with hidden lairs, diabolical henchmen, and dangerous super agents which will attempt to derail your goal of world domination. The player sets up his base, sets traps for nosy agents of justice, and unleashes his minions on the world to complete acts of infamy. Evil Genius has a campy, 60's spy movie look, feel, and sound. It also has a great sense of humor that matches, think along the lines of the original Casino Royale . The soundtrack alone is well worth the price of the game and is included as an extra with the game.
The game play is fun it consists mostly of expanding your base, setting traps, committing criminal acts on the world map, and managing the number and types of minions that you employ. Switching between the base view and the world view to make sure agents aren't wiping out your minions that are stealing or performing missions is a bit of a pain. I would have like to have more than 100 minions, fortunately the game can be modded to accommodate more. The graphics have held up well, but the game is only five years old. The only technical issue I've had with the game is that the Load/Save screen is only labeled as load in the menu, so for the longest time I thought auto-save was the only save option available. The game is a big time sink, but a fun one that I definitely recommend to anyone that is a fan of strategy/management games or dreams of controlling the world.