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This is a game that is very much compared to the famed Dungeon Keeper, (why isnt THAT on gog?) It takes the same elements, make evil lair, build base, defeat good, and adds the whole spy-spoof layer onto it. However, the similarities end there. The game is a good game, but it feels short, with only two islands. The reason the game takes so long, is you tend to lose a lot of minions to super agents and the world map missions. It is not a fast paced game by any standards, taking time to train your minions up from the classic yellow jump suit construction worker into any one of the 6 end tier classes, but each job that they can progress into is very unique, with each one bringing their own set of skills for you to use. At 9.99 I absolutely must recommend this game, but its re-playability isnt all that great.