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I just played the trial from the Windows Store.

Well, played is being generous, it crashed so many times I gave up after having it fall back to the desktop when I was trying to compare weapons in the tutorial.

Looks nice though, I'll likely be getting this, just not while it's still an "InDev" game.
I got to sector 7 a while back and completed (the current) game on something like my 42nd run. I had a * Flak cannon with 3 upgrades (shield & hull damage) which helped a lot.
Depends on the difficulty level.

On easy, beat it every time.

On medium I beat it about 1/2 the time. With the previous update it was extremely difficult as the capital ships jumping in would set up jump blockers and that would be the end of it. Nice to see them take that out with the latest release.

On hard... forget it.

I'm +50 hours in so my ship is maxed out.
i have managed to destroy admiral gorc's warship on easy, normal and hard levels. i used everspace finished release from gog. it took me about two weeks playing on and off. i had played the original beta releases quite a bit until i was tired of beating them. i decided to quit playing them until the finished release came out. i hoped it woud be more challenging. i found the finished product to be surprisingly different than the original betas. three ships, three difficulty levels, enhancements, glyphs, a new story line and a completely different sector seven experience. the game also takes a lot longer to play. in fact, the game does not appear to have an end. i lucked into being able to transfer the last beta ship i was playing with to the new release. i had quit playing around sector five in the beta. i downloaded the new release over the old beta game. the new release lets you keep the old ship and keep playing with it until you get to sector seven. (don't accept a reset to a new game). you can't play sector seven with the beta ship. you have to go back to the hangar and get a new ship, but you get to keep your credits and you get bonus credits about equal to what you already had. you also get to keep your perks and blueprints and you get to keep some of the resources you had. to me, this was great deal. i had all the blueprints i needed to beat the beta game. why not the finished game, also? my credits allowed me to almost top out the interceptor and gunship perks, too. i jumped into playing the hard game first and decided to use a gunship instead of the old reliable interceptor. something about 1300 hitpoints with the gunship appealed to me. the hard game started with a jump suppressor right off the bat. it didn't get any easier as the game progressed. jump suppressors all over the place. fortunately, i got a jump stabilizer blueprint about half way through the run without it the game would have been a lot tougher. i ended up destroying about a dozen or so corvettes and over a 1000 drones and okkar ships, many of them elites and bombers, before destroying gorc's warship. i followed the narrative, but was still surprised at what awaited in sector seven. there are three different scenarios for sector seven. one, you get on your first sector seven run where you meet your sister, kill seth nobu and talk to adam roslin. next, you get to retrieve and collect eight DNA fragments for adam roslin. finally, you get to meet admiral gorc and take his ship out. in total, i made six sector seven runs in the hard game. this was because i had to make five runs to collect DNA fragments. there were only 1-2 DNA fragments available in each hard run. the last DNA run is also when you get to meet the good admiral. you can make fewer total sector seven runs in the normal and easy games because more DNA fragments are available per run. there was an oddity in the easy run. i did not actually have to retrieve power cores to destroy the admiral's ship. for some reason, i decided to directly attack the admiral's ship in the beginning. i used two ARC9000 fireballs and his ship blewup. a fluke? i don't know. every game i've ever played has them. you can tell from the number of sector seven runs you need to get the admiral's ship that the game plays a lot longer than the beta game. after you get gorc's ship, the game still goes on as you try to get out of the DMZ. you may even meet gorc again. who know? everspace has met my expectations. it is a good game.
100 hours.
83 runs.
Everything unlocked.
Beat the entire run on hard on any ship pretty much every try.
comments on everspace version
afterthoughts on my july 1 gunship wins info.
those of you who have played everspace for a while know that you can quit the game and return to it. you will restart the game at the beginning of the sector you quit in. your ship will be as it was when you first arrived in the sector. i use this feature as part of my game strategy. if i realize i'm in trouble soon enough, i quit and restart the sector. i use the down time to replan how to play the sector better. this has saved me several times. i also use this feature to reconnoiter a situation. when i first encountered admiral gorc i didn't know where the gun turrets and missile silo were. the star and diamond markers help you initially. after that, you have to look for the right diamond marker to find what you want. this can be very confusing in battle. to get a better idea of the relative locations i quit the game and restarted in sector 7. after eliminating the first attack, instead of entering roslin's lab i dropped down and flew below the lab to find the missile silo and the nearest gun turrets. the box-like silo has two large tubes coming from one side. with the tubes kind of pointing down on your screen look to the upper right and you will see a diamond marker for a gun turret. this is the turret i decided to use the most, if i could. i went to it and tried to remember the way back to the silo. i quit and restarted in sector 7 3-4 times checking my route from the turret to the silo each time. surprisingly, if you don't enter roslin's lab the attacks aren't too bad. when i had programmed my brain i played the entire sector 7 game through with success.

after destroying admiral gorc's warship for the first time, i did continue playing on some. it seemed a shame to lose all your perks, blueprints, etc. when you restart the game to play the DNA scenario again. the game plays on much like in the DNA scenario. when you get to sector 7 you meet, you guessed it, admiral gorc again. instead of running and hiding from the thermal gun on his new warship i just stood my ground. after all, i had beaten him before. nothing to prove. i took the full blast from the thermal gun and survived. true, i did have to do the repair damage bit, but it was back to business as usual. think about that.
Don't game at all, but I love space stuff and thought I'd give it a try.

I'm using keyboard only, and can't get past the training stuff. Can't aim and I'm just spinning around. Do I need a gamepad or other controller or am I just that bad?
briansp: Don't game at all, but I love space stuff and thought I'd give it a try.

I'm using keyboard only, and can't get past the training stuff. Can't aim and I'm just spinning around. Do I need a gamepad or other controller or am I just that bad?
Keyboard only = without a mouse? With the default input settings, you'll definitely need a mouse to aim. You can set up your own keyboard bindings for aiming though.