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HenryCrun: Going through the game for the third time and am enjoying it more that I get into it. (quite a psychological work).

At the start of the game the patient appears to be Jean Thornten, however as the game progresses and the game finishes it is Thomas Fletcher as an old man that is cured and leaves with his son.

My question is is there a character swap at the beginning of the game or the Restorer "becomes" the patient he is trying to help? Or is there something in the story line that I have missed.

Either way it is a cracking game that makes you look around and question both the mind of the of the Doctor running the restoration procedure the patient at the centre of it all.
MarkoH01: The patient IS and always WAS Thomas Fletcher. There never were things like "Restorer" and such technics unfortunately never existed. This is all in the mind of Thomas who once was a painter and he paints his own reality in which he tries to help his true love and wife Jean. What you play and see is not the reality it is a reality which Thomas' mind made to cope with his Therapy he's really going through (Validation Therapy).
Thanks for the explanation. I guess that also explains the intro scene where you, the player, are walking in and signing yourself in. Like HenryCrun, I too thought that there was a swap somewhere in the beginning or middle of the game :)