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Hi everyone,

We have uploaded a new patch for Ether One that will update your game to version 1.1. Please download the file called Universal update (patch 1.1) at your earliest convenience :)


Major fixes:
- Fixed multiple crash bugs to do with automatic resolution changes.
- Fixed item placement behaviour bugs.
- Mill management lift comes back down once you've left area.
- The Picture frame disappearing in Industrial centre
- May Day house not detecting when items are placed.
- Lock combos locking for no reason.

- Added Motion Blur toggle.
- Added Ambient Occlusion toggle.
- Added Texture detail stepper. Recommended to play on at least high.
- Will now only update game resolution if the player applies changed
resolution or VSync settings in Video options.
- Some settings that didn't save upon closing of the game, including
gamma, are now fixed.

- Fixed unable to turn with mouse / gamepad bug.
- Fixed 'Start new game' only showing a silent black screen.
- Fixed Save game menu locking out all game input forever.
- Removed forced 1280x800 resolution on startup.

Oculus - Our ingame oculus settings menu is currently hidden until the
next patch. For now, you can enable Oculus Rift mode by opening Ether
One/UDKGame/Config/UDKEngine.ini, finding [Engine.Stereo3D] and set
Enabled to true instead of false. All menus are now functional with it.
Oculus - If the camera is faded, menus and UI elements are also masked
by the camera fade. This is at it's most noticeable if you pause during
the opening sequence, which has a fully faded camera during the opening
Oculus - Credits sequence is not yet visible with oculus due to the
camera fading issue above.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Crosmando: I just now had a problem with installing the patch, it wouldn't apply the first time, something to do with binaries. But when I uninstalled Ether One and reinstalled it, and then applied the patch, it worked. Perhaps because I changed the settings in the game it altered something the patch didn't recognize?
Probably so :)
vulchor: Did anyone else have to use the back door to find this thread?

Usually, when I see that a game has an update, I go to my shelf and find the game that updated. Then I click on that game, and click on the forum link for the game to bring me to the game-specific sub-forum. When I click on that for Ether One, it just took me the general forum.

By backdoor, I just mean that I had to click on Community and type in Ether One to pull up the sub-forum.
akhliber: Same here. It's not listed along with the other games I own on the Community page. Had to search for forum.
Sorry about that. It's all fixed now :)
JudasIscariot: Sorry about that. It's all fixed now :)
akhliber: Thanks, Judas!
Thank Prian for notifying me :)

Although, really, I should've caught that upon the game's release but stuff happens :)

Anyways, have fun with the updated game :D
gcogs: I also had to reinstall to get the patch to install. However I am still having trouble placing items in the May Day house. Anyone know where I can submit a support ticket?
Submit it to our Support department and we'll take care of the rest :)

Follow the Support link that you see on your game shelf for the game :)