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I've just sent this to GOG official support, so hopefully it gets to where it needs to go.

Figure I'd post it here too in order to see if anyone else has encountered these issues.

I have been thoroughly enjoying playing The Escapists. Though I have found a few minor bugs. One of which is potentially 'game breaking' as some would say.

Issue 1: During gameplay, I've noticed the game will freeze temporarily, the screen will go black, blip in and out, then the game will resume normally. This usually happens after roughly 45 minutes of gameplay?

This could be due to some program I have running in the background, but I always make sure to close any programs in my taskbar along with Windows Search and Superfetch before starting the game.

Issue 2: This has happened twice so far. Once in a while, doors in the game area will glitch and seem to just 'not exist' any more. This happened during a 'Free Period' in my game while my character was exercising. The doors reappeared after the period had ended.

Issue 3: Upon putting my computer into sleep mode, then 'waking' my computer and resuming gameplay (I had put my computer to sleep while the game was running and was the active window open), upon resuming the game, the game timer went bonkers! Everything in the game was moving at 10 times the normal rate, my character was targetted and continuously shot at for being outside my cell after 'Sleep Period' (most likely not a glitch [within said glitch] because the game saw I was outside my cell after sleep period had begun and not where I was supposed to be at certain times, as I was unable to be since the game's clock was going at 10 times it's normal rate).

I lost much progress because of this glitch.

Just thought I'd send in some feedback in case the developer was interested.