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Come gather around the table, adventurers, it's time for an update! The Epic Tavern team has been on a quest to get you a patch, and they have just about ventured back with it. Let's raise our glasses!

The biggest announcement we've got for you is that we've moved our development build to the Unstable branch. What this means is that the version of the game that we are testing for the latest patch is available for you check out! Beware, it is likely to have bugs! But you will be able to see the latest and greatest. Don't be a chicken!

This is how you access Unstable:

Steam: In your Steam library, right click on Epic Tavern. Click on Properties. From there, click on the Beta tab at the top right. Under the drop down menu, select Unstable - Public Test Tavern. Your client should then download the unstable version.

GOG: In your GOG library, click on Epic Tavern. Next to the play button, click on More. Select Settings in the dropdown. On the right, you will be Beta Channels. Toggle it from off to on. You will then see another dropdown menu in the center of the screen next to channel. Under that dropdown menu, select Public Test Tavern - Unstable. Your client should then download the unstable version.

We are still squashing a few bugs in this version and, once it is good to go, we will be moving that build onto our stable branch.

**Please note that the Unstable version is indeed unstable, and you will likely run into some bugs.**

Even so, please feel free to check it out!

Here are some of the cool things you are going to see in this patch:

- We did a full narrative pass over every quest and encounter in the game:

- Updated every encounter to new skill categories
- Assigned custom durations for every encounter based on results
- Fine-tuned hit point damage/recovery
- Added spirit point damage/recovery
- Fine-tuned difficulty on every encounter
- Added compound encounters, making it so random road encounters can now branch into multi-stage stories based
on results
- Laid the groundwork for upcoming supply system
- Did a cleanup/punch-up pass on all narrative content in the game
- All encounters now reflect the correct time of day for the party

- Skills and their categories have been significantly reworked. There are fewer skills now, but they are more tightly integrated with individual encounters.
- Encounter types have been expanded and their relationships to the skill systems have been improved.
- Additional stances have been added and stance calculations have been refined.
- Quest supplies and hunger have been integrated. (still a bit wonky, but getting there!)
- The Drink Chain Combo is more flexible in that you can stop serving at anytime.

We will be posting the rest of our patch notes with all the nitty-gritty details soon after the patch releases! Don't ask us when! Why do you ask so many questions! Children should be seen and not heard! Go to your room!

Ahem. If you would like to join us for daily updates, playthroughs, development streams and more, please join us on our Twitch streams every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm PST, or our Discord dev chats Tuesdays at 10:30am PST and Thursdays at 4:00pm PST.

From everyone here at the Tavern,

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