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i installed it earlier but, gog and microsoft are in some kind of argument, causing windows to block certain installers and remove certain games. this game was removed by windows. that would not have been a problem if gog had still provided a windows installer. now all i get is a mac installer. could anybody link me a pc installer? edit: it was gog that somehow messed up the shortcut so that it lacked the dosbox folder. i fixed the shortcut and now it works.
Post edited June 06, 2020 by andreasaspenberg2
I had this problem too, just now. When you go to download it from your account, make sure that under "System" you've got Windows selected instead of Mac. For some reason mine defaulted to Mac.
i tried to change my settings and there is no settings for system. the only settings is forum based. i could however download pc installers from other games, just not for this.
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