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I see several reports of people having problems with this game, mostly related to their running the game on Windows 10; however, I've also seen some people (namely @gamingvirtue ) post solutions to some of the problems, though (s)he wasn't playing the game on Win10, plus those posts are four years old. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Windows 10 v1803 + FCU; If I saved up for another computer, it would probably take me a year without spending anything. So, my question is: are there any definitive solutions to Entomorph's compatibility issues on Windows 10? I know GOG said they fixed the sound bugs (pun not intended... maybe...), though I still see conflicting reports, again, I think from Win10 users, and @gamingvirtue said (s)he solved her problems by enabling compatibility mode and setting it to Win95 and removing admin-only privileges. I was kind of hoping to get the game while it was on sale, plus people say the soundtrack is really good. Any and all help is appreciated!
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