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Specification :

Lenovo Ideapad 700
windows 10

No CD/DVD/BlueRay drive or anything on this laptop.

D letter mapped into a partition already and the game was installed on D drive.

Any solution? Thanks!
exorio: Any solution? Thanks!
Try emulating a virtual CD drive. Most likely there is still a check in the game whether there is a CD-ROM drive in the system. If that still doesn't help, I would contact GOG support.
exorio: Any solution? Thanks!
igrok: I would contact GOG support.
I did.

But no reply yet.
Got replied from GOG staff.

Windows 10 isn't supported.

Would it be possible to get around this with compatibility settings or messing with some config files? Or did GOG try and gave up?
any news on this topic? just bought the game and really would like to have music etc.
Using DOSBox and win3.1 emulation, I did an imgmount CUE/BIN of Entomorph. I set the color mode to 256 and the cputype=486_slow to satisfy some errors and performance (In the DOSBox.conf for memsize=8 or memsize=16 and anything in-between does not throw "not enough memory" error on startup of game) . I installed MCICDA driver for MCI-CD Audio support (OEMSETUP.INF, MCICDA.DRV) in win3.1 to stop throwing that bug. Found the driver (which isn't compatible with probably anything above Win95) and extracted the contents from the .exe so that I can direct the Driver app in win3.1 to install MCI-CD Audio drivers manually with those files.

The audio and the music works and is spectacular; However, I created another problem doing all this (attached img).
The error occurs only when an interaction between enemies is successful (take or give damage). Even when the crabs bite you, which is the result of that screenshot.

It's said that, to bypass this, either more or less emulated virtual memory for RAM is needed. I'll be messing around with that in win3.1x through DOSBox to find the sweet spot...if that is at all the solution.

UPDATE: Catch 22 when trying to open 32-bit swapfile access. It won't allow temporary type but it won't allocate Permanent either. 32-bit Disk Access is greyed out. Setting non 32-bit swapfile size and Cache Size higher doesn't seem to fix the issue.

I can get this far on DOSBox Android as well, with sound and music working, but with same memory error issue.
entoerror.jpg (227 Kb)
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