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Hi all,

We have uploaded a new installer that fixes the scrambled music tracks issue. Please download the new installer at your earliest convenience in order to have the best experience while playing this classic :)

Thanks and have a nice day :)
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COOL !! :)

Now I just have to find a way to make it crash less
Still waiting for the 1.1 patch to be included.
Does this mean the game runs now?
Great news! Thank you Judas and the GOG fix-it thralls.
Just installed the new version to try out... and umm... well it dies during the 'new game' intro where the spider's talking about possibilities as strands and she's stuck with you... So far this has happened every time now (twice) so that's a little disappointing...

edit: Just tried a few compatibility options. Died on XP SP3, but works on Win95. I hope it doesn't crash again, if it does I'll just shelf the game until it's more stable...

edit2: Probably won't play it, the controls with mouse/keyboard are so klunky and the feel of the game is so outdated I can't bring myself to play it past the first 5 minutes...
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Guys, disable the "Administrator Mode" and "Scaling" compatibility options, set Compat. mode for Win95 and run at 640x480. No more crashes.

It's almost like this game was meant for an older machine.

On a more serious note, though: doing that fixed EVERY SINGLE crash for me and I've noticed that there's only an error with songs playing incorrectly post save-game. I'm at the Urthrax camp part of the game, going to talk to T'Urthrax-Mata about the Thelyd problem now, and not a crash to be had. This is on Windows 8.1 x64, too, so I've got just about the newest nonsense out there. Should fix everyone's problems :D

Unless you're running the Win10 test. In which case: stop running the Win10 test.

EDIT: Forgot to mention: the movement controls are slick as can be, but after a save, you'll moonwalk if you move in the other direction without making a turn to the intermediate direction. I can confirm that's a bug in the original game, though, as I have an original disc sitting in my disc tray at this very moment.
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Nice catch; I'll have to try this out. If you haven't already, you may want to consider e-mailing GOG support about your fix so that they're aware of it.
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Azilut: Nice catch; I'll have to try this out. If you haven't already, you may want to consider e-mailing GOG support about your fix so that they're aware of it.
Already posted a full solution, actually. Same time I posted about the scrambled music error I was having.

Something I noticed, though: the scrambled music only occurred on my Surface Pro 2. My desktop PC, however, I removed Admin privileges from before I ran it, and my music issues have been limited to a few oddities after loading a savegame. A brand new file doesn't have the same errors, oddly.


I'm really glad that they finally got Entomorph on here at all, actually, so I've been hard at work bugfixing and testing this copy. It was the first RPG I ever beat, back at the young age of eleven. My stepdad brought it back with his stuff after retiring from the USAF, and I've had a lot of fun playing old games like that, Wing Commander 3, and UFO: Enemy Unknown/XCOM: UFO Defense. (And I've got WC3 on Origin and the original XCOM on Steam :P )