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I unlocked Ser Junkan a long time back through some regular junk.

Then I read that while he appears in Blue chests, he also has a 5% chance to spawn from regular junk (down from the 20% or 25% whatever it was initially).

However, I haven't seen him since, and I've collected 100s of junks.

The probability of getting at least one ser junkan (at 5% chance) from n junks is 1-.95^n

I've already lost track of how many junks I've collected but it's getting ridiculous.

The expected number of junks to get junkan is 20, and I've far surpassed that value.

Am I just EXTREMELY unlucky? Some sort of brutal outlier on the probability curve?

Has anyone RECENTLY collected Ser Junkan from ordinary junk (after the initial unlock)... I'm suspecting there's some sort of bug, or something they patched in but never mentioned.
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