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Hi there !
Got a problem and couldn't find any topics in the web in order to help me :
I use a ps3 controller with my computer, and for the game that doesn't natively recognize it, I use xboxdrv to make the ps3 act as an xbox360 gamepad.
The problem is that Enter the gungeon will crash at launch when i use it.. That's confirmed because when i close the program the game launch and i can play without any problem.
Anyone that had this issue and could resolve it ?
Thank you in advance !
Sorry in advance for any English mistakes, this is not my native language :)

My specs if it helps :
OS : Solus 4.0 Fortitude
Kernel : 5.0.7-114.current
CPU : Amd ryzen 5 2600
GPU : rx480 with mesa drivers 19.0.0
Ram : 16 GO

EDIT : This have been automaticaly solved with the 2.1.8 version of the game, wich makes my ps3 gamepad natively recognised without using xboxdrv, thank you dev !
Lov u :)
Post edited May 17, 2019 by katkatkiller